Cheap flights to Edinburgh ( EDI ) : Edinburgh flights from £ 612
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make full payment at the time of reservation?
No, you may reserve your flights at as low as 30 GBP and get a seat booked on your name, However reservation on deposit does not guarantee that same fare will remain available, A deposit only guarantees that you are booked for that date, on the mentioned flights and until the last date to make full payment. It is recommended that full payment should be made well in time to avoid fare or tax hikes, that are payable once applied.

Customer Advice

Before Booking your flight please make shure that the company you are booking with is regestered with ATOL because it means your money is secured.
After booking your flight we will send you invoice conformation so that you vill be able to see your flight detail.
If there is a complaint, plz dont hesitate to email us at we will responce with in 24hours.

Book Flight over the Phone

  • It answers all your questions on luggage, time & schedules in one go.
  • It increases your chances of getting more bargains on fares advertised online .
  • Airlines are not included within the ATOL Scheme, so if you booked direct with an airline that has ceased trading you may not be protected.
  • It introduces you with broad horizon of options,alternate days,different airlines and exciting new routes.
  • Why booking with

    We have allocation seats with all major air lines, which are cheapeer than the online fares Moreover if there is some cancellation in the cheaper fare, we can accomodate you on thosefaresas as well.the promotional offers which usually come for short time period can also be available for you on phone.

    Our Staff is available 24/7 to answer your enquiries as per your precise requirement

    We are located in the heart of London and also is better to go with an atol protected consolidator, who is dealing with more than 300 air lines to give customize solution toto fulfill customer's need.